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Thought I'd warn some of you b4 u download tht one, because there are safer downloads of the file elsewhere.

Look for at the end not The alternative file link is tested for viruses before posting, the file is just an exe wrapper to automatically download firmware file from torrent link without using any torrent client made via popular Torrent2Exe service, here is a Virus Toal scan result scoring 11/40 (with major AV flagging it safe), if you still feel unsafe use the first link.

When 2.0 was first released I remember i Tunes wold prompt be to buy the upgrade. You can't update to 2.0 anymore as it's no longer supported.

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The i OS 4.2.1 have been made public by Apple and is now available to download or update. Now browse to the i OS 4.2.1 IPSW file and select it. Your i Pod Touch will now be updated to i OS 4.2.1.

One of the main features of this release is that the taste of i OS 4.2.1 also comes up for the i Pad this time. Click the “ Download and Update ” button to update i Pod Touch to i OS 4.2.1. Download i OS 4.2.1 IPSW for i Pod Touch from here.2.

Apple has just updated the firmware for the i Phone and the i Pod touch to 2.2.1.

The list (at least for the i Pod touch) looks like it is mostly bug fixes and stability improvements, but we're still searching for a full list of all the changes.

help me plz I have a 1gen ipod touch and i want to jailbrake it, so should i just download this "i Pod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw" firmware and put it in my ipod touch by clicking shift in my itune, or i have to download other software like and do it with the help of that software, because i want cydea installer & i want to put downloaded api also which you cant do it in original firmware.. HOW CAN I FIX THIS, I DID LIKE AT PICURE AND I HAD ERROR 0X8OO005D I HOLD HOME BUTTON AND I RESTORE SYSTEM AND I GOT MESSAGE The ipod could not be restoren . rabish if my i Pod is the old version touch and i upgrade it with a newer version wont that damage my i Pod in any way/ slow it down? id found the firmware 3.1.2 elsewhere but no idea on how the f to get it on my husbands newly aquired ipod 1g, your instructions helped and now he can play angry birds on his OWN ipod insted of my 4g...