consolidating spreadsheets - Updating old chandeliers

It adhered right away to that slippery brass……only took 2 coats.

() I didn’t sand it down at all (like the guy at Home Depot told me to do) because I forgot about it until after I taped….I didn’t want the dust to get into the tape and paint.

The only problem was that the shade’s top-attachment-thingie was too narrow to slide onto the top of the chandelier. After a couple of attempts at super-gluing one to the four rods (and having the ring break off within seconds of trying to pick up the shade) I decided to try wiring it two of them together, thereby sandwiching the shade’s four rods.

I just used some craft wire that we had around (pretty thin gauge stuff so it was easy to bend). I just (messily) tied some wire round and round – sort of making a figure eight shape to secure things. This involved shortening the chain that it hung from and snipping the wiring to match the new height.

So, I just went for it and was hoping for the best. I don’t think it would have helped anything to sand first.