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My reason: a lot of the follow-on topics, on other forums, ended up closing and the recollections were lost.

Apparently, K LEE from Game FAN made numerous posts on a now long dead forum which the Wayback archives don't have.

================== Shidoshi Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite Matt, I heard rumors back in the day that some GF editors caught shit because were selling review copies of games to pirates. From my said Game Fan information page on my new site: Game Fan found itself in a tight spot when a pirated copy of the pre-release version of Resident Evil 2 was found by Capcom at a local So Cal video game shop...

a copy that contained information showing it to have been copied from the preview release given to Game Fan.

It took in the rise and fall of Hardcore Gamer magazine, plus the rise and fall of Play, and then the start-up of the new Game FAN.

At the time of writing it's 182 pages long, with over 1800 posts, including some of the wildest stories imaginable.

Now, I'm not so familiar with the end-of-days GFO crew, but I've never heard of Sam.