Updating trainz assest data dase

Before: The "Updating Trainz Asset Database" is appearing every time I try to launch anything from the launcher, but that's not the problem.It will just randomly stop updating when it says "Searching for faulty assets" and then when I try again, it does the same thing over and over. Now: I tried several database repairs, all being useless, then "Taddaemon" just started running, although I'm not sure why/how.Then I had to go to the Trainz folder to access the content manager because I got an error message when trying to open the launcher saying "Entry Point Not Found".

I also tried to patch it and it tried to install another patch (which failed) after the first one.

I was playing in the game yesterday and everything was fine and dandy, I noticed I hadn't had a database update for a week, or, more, but thought nothing more about it, then this afternoon, even though I wasn't connected to the internet, I got the pop up box stating it was updating the asset database, so, I let it run.

also note that the database rebuild has nothing to do with the internet.

it means the database became corrupted, more than likely from killing the program as you described above.

Most of the time, these can be fixed by right-clicking the asset and clicking View Errors and Warnings.