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Massive electric fans attached to state-of-the-art radiators.

These fans can scale through software to the correct RPM needed to keep the truck, batteries, cab, fuel cell, motors and gearboxes nice and cold under any circumstance.

The custom electric motors of the Nikola One™ operate at 95% efficiency, so when it comes to hills they are quicker going up and saving money going down.

While other trucks are losing energy and riding their brakes, Nikola One™ is capturing energy and saving its brakes, minimizing noise and cost.

With 6X4 regenerative braking and air disk brakes, our electric semi truck can stop faster than any other semi truck on the market.

Nikola One™ begins braking within 10 milliseconds; hundreds of times faster than advanced air-only disc brakes.

It takes 200 k W of energy, cleans it up, then dumps it in the batteries at a constant 800V DC - keeping the batteries topped off when needed.