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Alejandro Furas, general secretary of Latin NCAP, said 'it is clear that Nissan made this announcement in response to the campaign mounted by Latin NCAP, Global NCAP and other groups to get automakers to stop selling zero-star cars in Mexico and Latin America.'The group had recently released a report saying that requiring minimal security standards — airbags, multi-point seat belts and lateral body reinforcement — could prevent 40,000 vehicular deaths in Latin America's largest car markets between 20.Now armed with a computer - or in some cases even just a smartphone - investors can use a DIY investing platform or online broker and the wealth of research at their fingertips to hopefully build their fortune.(Source: Thisis uk October 2016, Admin charges quoted annually, may be collected monthly or quarterly)* Barclays Stockbroking is being merged into this service.

Critics, however, have long slammed it for its lack of safety equipment and poor crash test results.

Tsuru pictured in red has no airbags while the car's A-pillar deformed so badly that it entered the passenger compartment, which would cause fatal injuries to the driver. S-made Versa The car was a successor to the now-retired VW 'bug' as Mexico's favorite low-cost car.

The Tsuru picked up much of the low-end market after the bug went out of production in Mexico — the last market where it was produced — in 2003.

While many Mexico City taxi drivers have switched to higher-end cars, in provincial Mexico the Tsuru remains the workhorse of taxi fleets, especially in southern Mexico, where the compact sedans fly at high speeds down country roads.

But a recent study by the University of South Florida suggests that – while a short period of messaging is fine – we actually shouldn’t wait too long to arrange a meeting.