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dating is not just go out with ur girlfrnd / boyfrnd and have sex..

you both talk to each other alot, express your love in your way & everything you both like and want to do.... All correct answers in a manner of speaking depending on your views on life as well as your Morales. That means, curtains fell down on old-fashioned boring dating. People, who are on date, get several chances to meet and discuss about themselves before entering the wedlock.

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you can have date at home also but should be with your loveone.. You can say it is to find the girl/guy that you want to marry or to have as much sex as possible so you know what you like to feed the need of never being alone but not wanting to be bored with the same people. You can also call them as Facebook Generation people. Talk less, do more Conversation less, but more sex activities One more thing, most boys love USE and THROW dating methodology Even girls are all okay & comfortable with this these days Dating between a boy and a girl is nothing but an opportunity to meet each other and talk about their personal likes and dislikes.

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