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She also talked about dating “a guy,” which could presumably be her ex Robert Pattinson.

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Kristen Stewart has come out in a lesbian dating relationship with Alicia Cargile and this calls into question if her romance with Robert Pattinson was anything more than a PR showmance.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dated for several years, but was their relationship ever really a ‘relationship’ or was it just a convenient PR showmance designed to sell the Twilight movies to the gullible movie-going public?

Robert, who had attended the event with his fiancee FKA Twigs, were said to have been surprised to see Stewart at the fancy costume event, deciding to show up without her alleged girlfriend Stephani “Soko” Sokolinski. Maybe a little too happy for Tahliah’s liking.” Robert Pattinson reportedly hasn’t seen Kristen in years.

One report recalls the moment Pattinson and FKA Twigs crossed paths with Kristen Stewart, who didn’t seem uncomfortable in the slightest. While they have attended the same events in the past, sources alleged that the two would go out of their way to avoid an awkward run-in, but it seems as if their differences have been put aside, and both of them have happily moved on with other partners.

actor, Kristen eventually accepted that her infamous actions that saw her hooking up with formerly married director Rupert Sanders were unforgivable in more ways than one.