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R63, he definitely has worked on his body and bulked up since "Erection." I just meant he's always been in great shape.I don't think he'll ever do a shoot like that, though. The entire cast of Killjoys is on Twitter promoting the show weekly except for him.He used to have a food blog back when he was on Brothers and Sisters with the help of a PA and you could tell it was a really big deal for him and he was so proud of himself for it. Killjoys is more fluff entertainment (bit of a Supernatural wannabe with Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane playing brothers and their keeping secrets from each other dynamic). For me it's interesting to watch how the cast members figure out who they are (their memories were erased for some unknown reason). But he immediately moved on to Wentworth Miller, so there's nothing wrong with his vision. R28 according to Wikipedia he came out in early 2008. Yes, that Luke Macfarlane, such an infamous famewhore fucking his way right to the - oh, wait.

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Who has annasophia robb dating

Even if Dark Matter itself isn't the most original stuff comparing it to Killjoys makes Killjoys look clich├ęd and a complete bore.

I will probably catch up with Killjoys at some point and use it as a background noise while surfing. The shoestring budgets are so obvious on both shows.

He's much better defined and maybe a little bit bigger in Killjoys than he is in Erection.

I would love for him to do a photoshoot showing off his body for a magazine like Out, but those magazines are only interested in showing off straight celebrities "faux-mo"ing it up.

It reminded me that Luke has Killjoys, PBS's Mercy Street, and hopefully Night Shift.