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The album artwork was designed by graphic artist Eve Saint Raven.

Ash Costello has a pair of bat wings tattooed around the back of her neck with a fleur de lis at the center.

Real big — I’m not just talking the back of the neck — I’m talking the whole thing.

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But getting a tattoo on your hand or neck or face solidifies like, that’s it — you are committed to being an artist and you are so screwed if you ever decide otherwise.

My tattoo says “blow me up” with a red and green heart.

She loves zombies and vampires and often refers to herself as a “Living Dead Girl.” In a video, she talks about the commitment she’s made by getting this and her other hand tattoos: Going underneath the sleeve, as we called it, and getting onto my hand was a HUGE commitment.

As we joke, we say “there goes my bank job” or “there goes my corporate desk job.” Which obviously I was never going to have.

All of the band members and crew have their own versions of this tattoo on different body parts.