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But I can understand how other people would object to that." Bono Defends Spotify: ' Let's Experiment' "I'm a spoiled rock star," the singer says. Swift's manager, Scott Borchetta, disputed that number, claiming the singer's catalog earned less than half a million dollars in the past 12 months."I'm the wrong spokesperson for this, but if I were starting a band now, aged 17 or 18, I would be very excited" In Grohl's expletive-adorned opinion, the biggest hurdle for musicians is getting their work heard. A dose that strong incapacitated his body, the shotgun was a very long barreled shotgun (look and see for yourself) He could not have been able to shot himself. I spoke w/ Kurt in the alley of the club, smoking a cigarette. He was always about the same height as Courtney or a smidge taller.

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Grohl tumbled during the second song of the Foo Fighters Sweden show and badly injured himself.

While he waited for medical attention he told the audience: 'Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I love you too motherf******. I think I really broke leg.'He added: 'So look, you have my promise, right now, that the Foo Fighters, we're gonna come back and finish the show.

They give up their free time to practice nearly every day of the year.

Due to the demanding nature of the work, its membership is frequently changing.

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