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Dena has since added singing to her repertoire of skills, and audiences were able to see the makings of a triple threat when she was cast as Abigail Armstrong in the hugely popular Dance Academy.

Dena turned the brutally competitive Abigail into a deeply complex, compelling, and very, very likeable character, while displaying her excellent training in a wide range of dance genres from ballet to hip hop.

I am currently at Bali on a health retreat, taking some time off enjoying relaxing, yoga and surfing! Dena was gracious enough to answer a few quickfire questions as well. COMING IN OCTOBER: Patricia Zhou of the Staatsballet Berlin!

I start shooting a new series where I will be playing a girl from the 1950s. Then I am off to LA and the sister project is in the pipelines!

Ballet was always great grounding for me and made me work hard but I definitely excelled at jazz and contemporary. I had just finished training at Alvin Ailey in NYC.