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o if, and it’s a big if, Djokovic is going to have a tough patch, what does it mean for the tour in general?

The most obvious beneficiary looks to be Andy Murray, who is remarkably the only member of the original ‘Big Four’ not recovering from a major injury.

With the rest of the chasing pack failing to convince and Ivan Lendl back in tow, Murray looks well placed to win his second US Open next month.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from the last few months it’s that things can change remarkably quickly in tennis.

For Djokovic then it looks to be a combination of mental and physical exhaustion, and there have also been rumours about off-court distractions, none of which have been substantiated. ' Well, I am human." And yet despite the fact that beating Djokovic has become the prized scalp in men’s tennis, just as getting a win against Federer or Nadal was in years gone by, it’s hard to shake off the impression that is more than just a mere blip.

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