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I wanted the opportunity to fall flat on my face if necessary.Its like Chris Rock said: as black people we don’t really need opportunities to succeed at this point—we need opportunities to fail. What moment on the album gives you your most spectacular opportunity to fail? You know all the talk about women and anger and all that stuff.The event, dubbed “PHAROS,” is a collaboration with Microsoft that w... ", including "Me and Your Mama," "Have Some Love," "Boogieman," and many more.

Totally randomly a friend gave him an illegally downloaded copy of production software Fruity Loops, and after playing around with it a bit, he became addicted and spent “a whole week not going to classes sitting in his room”. I guess the easy answer would be Kanye but I don’t think he’s the best-dressed…

He’s the most interestingly dressed man in hip-hop. He never dresses crazy but he’s a well-dressed dude—it all fits and it’s all neat.

Through his comedy, interviews, and very personal style of hip-hop, he’s sprinkled in a lot of insight into his life. Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Childish Gambino…

He’s always in the spotlight, and whether you’re a fan or not, you probably already know some things about him. Donald Glover’s favourite karaoke song is none other than Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose,” which was also featured on the soundtrack of Batman Forever.

Earn becomes Alfred’s manager and then the show becomes what Glover has described as “was finally getting an Australian airdate, they hinted it would “likely be included in part of a larger programming line-up regarding race issues”.