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Kevin thinks he isn't treating her well and starts a relationship with her on the side.Feeling guilty, Kevin breaks things off with her, only to have her break up with Wayne to try and get back with Kevin. She's been in a ton of movies (including ' Watchmen' and ' Sin City') and TV series (' Entourage' and ' Spin City').

Now: Mc Kellar graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and has written four books on mathematics for kids. Then: Once a sweet (if not overbearing) girl, Kevin dated Becky solely to make Winnie jealous and when Becky found out, she turned bitter and vindictive (once punching him in the stomach).

She has made guest appearances on ' The Big Bang Theory' and ' How I Met Your Mother' and does voiceover work for ' Scooby Doo' and ' G. Now: Crystal is Danica Mc Kellar's real-life sister.

Then: Kevin has a date with Cindy but he bails to go cruising with his friends when one of them gets their driver's license.

They inadvertently run into Cindy at the drive-in and she finds out Kevin lied to her.

She graduated from Harvard Law School and is currently a Senior Associate at Morrison & Foerster in San Diego.