Who is soulja boy dating 2016 teen dating versus studying

I got A lot of tricks up my sleeves enjoy the show.” .The two have been struggling with Lorenzo’s alleged infidelity for some time now. The couple were at odds last season as Nia accused Soulja of infidelity.

A post by Nia Riley suggest that she is over Soulja Boy and is in another relationship, which may have sent the rapper into a jealous rage.

Despite his alleged cheating, the rapper clearly doesn’t want to see his ex with another man.

But either way, Soulja’s video is still very scary — he’s even seen holding a gun with an extended magazine. I haven’t spoken to any media.” Nia, however, begs to differ. Don’t be lame.” He then deleted his initial tweet and said, “@The Shade Room for making that up. #End Of Story.” Soulja Boy and Nia have reportedly been fighting on social media ever since she posted a meme saying she was “halfway into another relationship,” according to the Jasmine Brand.

Skrill must have been freaked out by Soulja’s video because he took to Twitter and denied having any involvement with Nia. We totally understand jealousy, but violence is never the answer.

Yesterday, American rapper Soulja Boy (real name De Andre Cortez Way) raised concerns on social media after he made a weird post hinting at suicide, but hours ago, he apolgised for upsetting fans and family members and blamed it all on fame and stress.