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singer Jairus Kersey, 24, recently announced that they were getting a house together.

Acacia, who will be turning 18 next week, revealed that she was finally ready to fly the nest.

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[Alicia and the group return to find the Abigail yacht missing] Alicia Clark: What now? [Madison tells Alicia that Nick will return to the location of the missing Abigail] Madison Clark: If we go, he'll never find us. [Madison and the group drive up the beach to the Rosarito Beach Hotel] Madison Clark: Nothing's moved.

Alicia Clark: Mom, it's me and you now whether you like it or not.

Madison Clark: [Alicia leans down to hug Matt in his bed, as Madison pulls Alicia away, whispering] Thank you. Alicia Clark: [Alicia turns around and starts shouting at Nick] You make promises all the time, Nick. Nick Clark: [Nick crawls to Alicia on the ground pleading for her to stay] I'm an asshole.

Nick Clark: [Nick starts shouting to Alicia from the floor] No, Alicia, you don't get what it makes people do.

I moved the dead to protect myself from all of you. Alicia Clark: [about the other guests] Give them the keys.