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It is also one of the most fun places a man can go in his lifetime. One could think that using sex as a currency would be illegal because - not because it is prostitution, but it would cut out provisions of licensing and tax obligations.There are hundreds of beer bars within a few kilometer radius, all packed with thai girls chasing you down the street when you walk by. However, Dutch parliament voted for this being legal.

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» More On a recent trip to Rio, one of our most memorable experiences came from a night out at Club Help. It’s difficult to just go to your hotel room alone when you are in Rio. We weren’t there long when a cutie named Viviana started flirting with my boy.

Right now I don’t recall whether we were at Monte Carlo (the terma) or Samba School or what. She had a big ole ass (all kinds of junk in the trunk – shit wouldn’t close) and my boy is a real sucker for big asses.

In hindsight I realize how lucky we were that the globe stopped on Brazil!

Sure everyone has heard of Brazil in the famous carnival in Rio and the women in thong bikinis along the beaches there. So anyway, we decided to head over to Help, just to see what our prospects looked like.

While his site caters to the local expat community it does provide great input for new visitors. Thanks Warren for a lovely addition to our bookmarks.» More This motherfucka is crazy.

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