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Homeowners in the Maryland and DC area tend to use energy-efficient materials to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, but some locations need extra insulation or a material that keeps the sun’s ray from penetrating into the house.The style of your home is something you should always consider first and foremost when picking out a new roof color.This week, I'm pleased to say we're joined by Zach Travis and Alex Cook of the excellent Maize n Brew (who, coincidentally, wrote some of the best pieces I've read anywhere on Northwestern football during this offseason, which can be found here and here, proving that these guys know about more than just Michigan football).

Colonial is by far the most popular style in the DC, VA, and MD area, which welcomes almost any roofing type and color, but some styles dictate what kind of roof you should purchase, and in turn dictate what color scheme you’re limited to.

For example, a Mediterranean-style house should stick with warm clay roof tiles or else the feel and tradition of the home are lost.

Another factor about living in the Maryland area is the harsh winters.

With colder, wetter winters, you’re going to want a steep pitch for a roof that can handle snow.

Typically, brick and stone houses give off a variety of shades of the same color, which adds dimension and character.