Z guide dating swedish men Chatsexogratis

First thing you’ll do with your 15 minutes of fame: Hire bodyguards.

Favorite childhood activity: Resisting mandatory naptime Where to find you on a Saturday night: Resisting mandatory naptime. Concentration: Quantum Physics/Applied Math and a secondary in complete lies.

Role Models: Audrey Hepburn, Roman Polanski, Richard Avedon. Ideal date: I'm not very picky, so maybe a private jet to Paris with Drake, or a fancy dinner with Drake, or just a super simple, stay at home and watch a movie date with Drake.

Where to find you on a Saturday night: Depends on the temperature. Worst date: December 26, so many more days until Christmas. Worst thing about Harvard: It abides by the 24-hours-in-a-day policy.

Worst date: She refuses my marriage proposal…on our first date.